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Mastering Full Stack React Web Development

Tomasz Dyl Kamil Przeorski

Key Features

  • Harness the impressive power of ReactJS and rethink full-stack web development
  • Build dynamic web applications using the tools created by the innovators driving the tech industry
  • Combine the powers of React, Node, MongoDB, and Falcor to create highly scalable real-time apps.

Book Description

Full-stack web development is being redefined by the impact of ReactJS. If MEAN demonstrated just how effective combining JavaScript frameworks and tools could be for the modern web developer, by replacing Angular with React, developers have an easier way to build isomorphic web applications where code can run on both the client and server.

This book will get you up to speed with one of the latest strategies to meet the demands of today's dynamic and data-intensive web. Combining detailed insights and guidance with practical and actionable information that will ensure you can build a complete isomorphic web app, it's an essential resource for the forward-thinking developer.

You'll see how its flexibility is a core part of any full-stack developer's workflow, as well as learning how to use Mongoose alongside it to make data storage safer and more reliable.

What you will learn

  • See how to build a full-stack app that is scalable and designed for the demands of modern users
  • Create a powerful JWT-based authentication full-stack “starter-kit”
  • Make your app extremely stable and resilient with Redux and its immutable single state tree
  • Explore the new possibilities given by Falcor, the middleware built by Netflix
  • Find out how Redux works alongside ReactJS – and how it makes building an isomorphic