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WordPress Security: 10 Easy Steps To Prevent A Catastrophic Hack Attack

McKenzie Miller
WordPress Security


"WordPress hit by massive botnet: Worse to come, experts warn" says Zack Whittaker for Zero Day, "Blogging and website platform WordPress has been hit by a massive botnet of tens of thousands of computers, but it could be just the surface of a wider, larger attack."

"Hackers launch huge DDoS attack using WordPress websites", Jamie Hinks

'In April, 2012 we reported about a large distributed brute force attack against millions of WordPress sites were occurring, out of that hackers are successful to compromise 90,000 servers to create a large Botnet of Wordpress hosts.' by Hacker News

"Hackers Point Large Botnet At WordPress Sites To Steal Admin Passwords And Gain Server Access" by Frederic Lardinois

WARNING: WordPress Security Is A Big Issue And You Need To Be Protected
Do not overlook the security of your WordPress website. There are some very serious weaknesses in the platform that the bad guys know about. The same things that make WordPress one of the most used content management system also makes it vulnerable to hacking attacks. If you haven't been hacked yet, thank your lucky stars. It will happen.

When your site is hacked, you lose all control. The hackers have control of you site and you can not access it. This book will teach you how to beat the bad guys and protect your site. This step by step book will tell you exactly what you need to do to make your site 99% hack proof.