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Last updated 2017-08-12


Learn NativeScript - Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript.

Build amazing iOS and Android apps
with technology you already know

Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps
with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript.

Native UI

Beautiful, accessible, platform-native UI - no webviews. Define once and let NativeScript adapt to run everywhere, or tailor the UI to specific devices and screens. This is one of the reasons SAP chose NativeScript to power the mobile portion of their SAP Enterprise App Modeler application.


Easily reuse existing plugins from npm, CocoaPods (iOS) and Gradle (Android) directly in NativeScript projects, plus hundreds of NativeScript specific plugins.

Quick to learn

Accelerate the learning curve by using skills you already know to develop native mobile applications


Write and deploy native mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single code base

Strong Backing

Backed by Progress (PRGS) - Decades of experience creating and supporting software for developers. Enterprise support is available from the creators of the platform.

Open Source

Open Source: Apache 2 license. Unlimited free applications.

Learn more on https://www.nativescript.org/