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Creating a Responsive Web Design

Chris Converse
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This course was designed to teach you to create a web page that can adapt it's layout to fit on any screen sizes across devices, as well as on paper when printed. Web design requires the coordination of HTML, CSS, and graphics in order to construct a layout and design that can respond to the varying needs of your websites visitors. In this step-by-step course, Creating a Responsive Web Design, you'll learn every aspect of converting a design into a fully functioning web page. You'll create navigation menus, style typography, format and position graphics, create CSS animations, import free web fonts from Google, as well adjust your layout to fit a wide range of screens and devices. For those new to HTML, CSS or web graphics, you'll see a few modules explaining the core fundamentals of each, so you'll be able to work through the course without missing a beat. Software required: Text Editor, Web Browser, Tablet or Phone (optional), Printer (optional).