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Implement and Manage Identities Using Azure AD Connect for Office 365

Brian Alderman
Implementing a plan to ensure only authorized users access your Office 365 and on-premises content is important for the safety of your company information, but can cause issues for your users. In this course, Implement and Manage Identities Using Azure AD Connect for Office 365, you’ll explore how to provide users access to content in Office 365 and on-premises using a secure authentication method, while avoiding the need to maintain multiple sets of credentials. First, you’ll learn about the steps and tools needed to prepare your on-premises Active Directory configuration for synchronization with Office 365’s Azure AD using Azure AD Connect. In the process, you’ll become familiar with the planning, hardware, and software requirements of Azure AD Connect, along with the steps necessary to install it. Next, you’ll learn about the different components associated with it, how to configure filtering of objects being synchronized between the two locations, and the types of synchronization and authentication methods that can be configured. Finally, you’ll take a test drive of the Azure AD Admin console and learn about the associated PowerShell commands used to create and configure users, groups, and synchronization methods using both configuration and management options. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to choose the best tool for the job when managing the synchronization of your Active Directory objects.