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Deploy Azure Virtual Networks, VPNs, and Gateways

Gary Grudzinskas
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The biggest trend in networking today is the move to the cloud and IT Pros must learn the new skills required for this mass migration. In this course, Deploy Azure Virtual Networks, VPNs, and Gateways, you will build a foundation of knowledge required to work with Azure virtual networks. First, you'll learn how to deploy virtual networks. Next, you'll learn how to route from one virtual network to another virtual network and route between subnets inside of a virtual network. Lastly, you'll discover how to connect your On-Premise network to an Azure virtual network. You'll work with three tools in this course: The Azure Portal, Powershell for Azure, and JSON templates. After you finish this course, you will have updated your skills from On-Premise networking to Azure networking, giving you the confidence to take your network to the cloud.